APS International Inc. sells its gasoline dispensers and suction pumps in three (3) types of condition; these are outlined below with each description of warranty.


Just what it sounds like: Units sold in this condition are pressure steam cleaned and inspected for missing parts. Any items determined to be missing or severely damaged are made complete. Items in this condition are not warranted other than to be complete and have no major damage other than normal wear and tear. They are not guaranteed to be functional when you receive them. These units will have a few dents and dings, may need some paint, decals and overlays. We will hand turn the meters and pumping units to ensure they are not "frozen up". Often times units sold in this condition will require some type of repair to become operational. They are the LEAST costly type of equipment available.


Equipment purchased in this condition carries a ninety (90) day electronic parts replacement only warranty. Printers, Graphic and Monochrome displays are warranted for thirty (30) days. Most of the equipment we sell is in this condition.

Equipment purchased in this condition carries a one (1) year electronic parts replacement only warranty. Printers, Graphic and Monochrome displays are warranted for ninety (90) days.

PCI Compliant Retrofits

Are warranted for a period of one (1) Year from the date of shipment, must be started up by a FACTORY ASR or ASC. VeriFone kits must be started up by a VASC.

Warranty Claim Procedure

In the unlikely event you experience a warranty issue:

1.) You must first contact APS International Inc. and notify us that the problem exists and choose a certified technician approved by APS International Inc. ( Call 1-888-889-2993).

2.) The technician must relay the circumstances found to cause a suspected warranty to an APS International Inc. representative and initiate a warranty authorization claim file number.

3.) Once a claim file has been established, all parts must come from APS International Inc. In some cases we may authorize you in writing via fax or email to obtain the part elsewhere. All replaced parts must be returned to APS International Inc. prepaid by you to establish the warranty and credit your account for the replacement parts we sent you.

4.) All of our parts are serialized and marked for identification. Please do not ask us to warranty someone else’s part. Items found to be damaged by improper installation or faulty wiring, and other circumstances described below will be charged to you at like-for-like exchange rates.
The Fine Print and General Exclusions

1.) Our warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

2.) Our warranty begins 5 days from the date the equipment is shipped.

3.) Our warranty does not cover items damaged in transit, by shipping companies, 3rd parties or their authorized agents.

4.) Our warranty does not cover faulty installation, defective wiring at the site or improper use of material.

5.) Our warranty does not cover indirect damage or loss of product or income. This warranty does not cover any indirect or consequential damage or loss including but not limited to; environmental damages, product damages, lawsuits against the customer. APS International Inc. will not be held liable for claims including but not limited to, claims based on negligence, breach of contract, breach of warranty or fitness of use.

6.) Our warranty shall not exceed the amount paid by the original purchaser at the time of purchase.

7.) Our warranty is void if the equipment is damaged by unreasonable use, fire, flood, accident, power surge, liquid spill, war or acts of God or other causes not directly arising out of defects in materials or workmanship.

8.) Warranty applies only to equipment that has been paid for in full at time of warranty claim.

9.) Warranty only applies to equipment installed in the United States of America.

10.) Warranty does not cover OEM software upgrades, compatibility or platform compliance for card or IP/Connectivity purposes unless otherwise indicated in the original bill of sale (invoice).

11.) Warranty void if unit is altered in any manner.

12.) APS International Inc.’s employees, distributors, or agents may have made oral statements about the product (s) we are selling to you. Such statements are not warranties, shall not be relied on as such, and are not part of the contract of sale.


All circuit boards, pulsers and vapor vacume motors and cash drawers are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice, products are sold on a like for like exchange basis unless otherwise noted in the product description. All membrane keypads and cash drawers are warranted for a period of six (6) months from date of invoice. All printers are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days unless otherwise stated from date of invoice. Our warranty covers repair or replacement of the original part to the original purchaser only. There is NO allowance for labor, travel or mileage. Suspected warranty replacement items will be shipped via UPS surface prepaid. Suspected warranty items must be returned to APS Int’l Inc. prepaid to be verified for warranty claim. Replacement items will be sent and billed as normal terms until the suspected warranty part is verified and credited back to your account.


Parts are shipped on a like -for -like exchange basis with the return of a rebuildable core. We reserve the right to bill for missing or damaged components on returned cores. Parts that are melted or have holes burned thru them are not acceptable cores. Please use common sense when returning cores. If cores are not returned in a timely manner we reserve the right to bill for core charges in order to replace the item to our stock. Usually forty five (45) days.

There are no other warranties and no warranty of fitness for a specific use. APS International Inc. neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any liability beyond that stated herein. Unless otherwise noted, all items are remanufactured OEM parts and have not been endorsed or certified by the original equipment manufacturer. Any OEM trademark or part number is shown for identification purposes only.